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Application Penetration Testing

Our application security testing services identify, validate, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your web, mobile, and thick applications.

What We Do

Manual Penetration Testing + Automated Scanning

Your applications and cloud environment are always on the move. New features and changes are deployed with agility. Don’t deprive your small releases of security testing as that may result in big security gaps for your application.

Penetration Testing as a Service

Requesting a penetration test on your latest release is as simple as clicking a button. Our security researchers swing into action and replicate hacker-like manual penetration testing activity on your cloud infrastructure and applications. You get online as well as PDF reports with screenshots of hacked areas.

 Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing uses manual and automated testing techniques to
identify any vulnerability, security flaws or threats in a web application. Our
platform is armed with AI augmented automated scanners and a certified team of
security experts.

 Mobile Application Penetration Testing

We supports manual penetration testing for web applications, mobile applications (iOS/Android) and desktop applications. Our SaaS platform consolidates all results, allows you to download results, request validation of fixes and contact our security experts for support.

Comprehensive and Compliant Reports

Our reports include vulnerability descriptions, severity ratings, recommendations on fixes and references to external websites. Each report is available in online and offline (PDF, CSV) format. Our SaaS platform facilitates collaboration with our security experts and speeds up your patching.

We Test Mobile Application Security For:

  • Insecure data storage
  • Client-side injection vulnerabilities
  • Data flow issues
  • Weak server-side controls
  • Poor authentication and authorization
  • Side channel data leakage
  • Insufficient transport layer protection
  • Improper session handling
  • Cryptography
  • Sensitive information disclosure

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