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Cloud Penetration Testing Services

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud can create security problems. Our cloud penetration testing service identifies vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure and guides you on how to improve your cloud security posture.

What We Do

A cloud platform can create exposure from network, application, and configuration vulnerabilities that can result in external access to company credentials, internal systems, and sensitive data.

A collaborative team with experience and expertise produces the highest quality of work

Consistent processes with formalized quality assurance and oversight deliver consistent results

Technology allows more focus on testing and scales to large engagements and multiple ongoing projects

Actionable guidance by a trusted partner from the start of the engagement to the end of remediation
Anonymous Testing ,Non-credentialed userTests networks, systems, and applications

Credentialed users and authenticated configuration reviews

Benefits of Cloud Penetration Testing

Pentest your cloud infrastructure to:

Avoid breaches

Discover your vulnerabilities and exposure, before a breach occurs. 

Achieve compliance

Meet application security testing requirements from a third-party.

Improve security

Learn how to strengthen your network security program.

Augment your team

Get a fresh set of eyes from penetration testing experts.

Cloud Penetration Testing Techniques

Our cloud pentest service includes a cloud services configuration review and penetration testing techniques, such as:


  • System and services discovery
  • Automated vulnerability scanning and manual verification
  • Manual network protocol attacks
  • Manual dictionary attacks
  • Network pivoting
  • Domain privilege escalation
  • Access sensitive data and critical systems

A Complete Solution for AWS Penetration Testing and other cloud platforms

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Penetration Testing for the Cloud – How it is different?

If you are working in the cyber security industry, you will be familiar with terms like application penetration testing, network penetration testing, etc. However, the growth of the cloud computing industry in the last 4-5 Years has introduced a new name to the penetration testing list – cloud penetration testing


Penetration Testing and Security on Google Cloud

If you are using a Google service which is powered by virtual machines, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that the operating system and the applications are continuously updated and the patches are applied at the earliest.Google recommends that an organization conducts penetration testing for evaluating the security of its cloud infrastructure

Dummies guide to AWS Penetration Testing

Security testing for User-Operated Services is authorized by AWS, which is created and configured by the user. Pen tests involving Vendor Operated Services, which are owned and offered by the third-party vendor, are prohibited. EC2 and S3 bucket is an AWS service which is usually pen tested.


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